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Local Citations 

A ciatation is any mention of your business on the web; it is any combination of your company name, phone number, address, zip or postal code, and website address. Citations in SEO (search engine optimization) are a key factor in improving your local search results.  Usually citations are created on directory websites.  Yelp is an example of a directory site, as well as Tripadvisor.  The biggest directory site of course is Google.   It’s obvious how being at the top of Google’s search results for your business’s niche is an easy way to steal the better half of customers who are searching for what you offer.   So how do you get your business to the top of Google?  Citations, and lots of them!  You need to create accounts at all the separate directory sites (there is a lot!).  Then you need to make sure that your business is listed in THE EXACT SAME FORMAT in each directory as it is in your Google My Business account. Sounds simple enough.  Until you start going through the individual sites, filling out the information, waiting to verify emails and phone numbers, filling out captchas (I’m not a robot boxes).  It quickly becomes a very time consuming process, and if you have other things to do, like run a business, sitting there filling out the same information at a hundred different websites SUCKS!

The solution?  Let us do it for you!  We’ve made the process of the mundane our business!  We love being boring!  The good news for you is that you can easily boost your businesses rankings without having to do all the tedious work yourself!  As with any business, time is money and money well spent.


You’ve Done The On Page SEO.

Leave The Rest To Us!


Our Backlinks Come From Hundreds Of Different Websites. However They Can Grouped As Such:

  1. Blog Posts
  3. Documents 
  4. Web 2.0 Profiles
  5. Status Updates

Our linking structures puts the backlinks into a tier system, where each tier points to the one above it, and it to the tier above it.  Your website sits at the top like a pyramyd, funneling into it all the link jiuce from many different sites but without having hundreds of links pointing directly to it.  This is the safer way to build backlinks, as Google now penalizes sites with excesive amounts of backlinks from various sources with no reason for that link being there. 


Single Tier  

We offer a single tier of backlinks for when your website just needs that little extra push.  You’re already on page one, but you’d like to be higher up in the rankings.  This will help you do that!  If there isn’t much competition, don’t waste your money building tons of backlinks.  A simple single tier consisting of a Blog Post, Bookmarks, A Document, A Web 2.0 Profile & A Status Update will improve your page one ranking significantly!

Double Tier  

Is your Website somewhere on page two or three?  If so then you’ll need a little extra KICK to get it to page one. For that we recommend our 2 tier system of backlinks.  The second tier really boosts up the first and together they pack a wallop!  Your competition won’t know what hit them.  As with the single tier of links, this system contains all our link types.

  • Blog Posts
  • Bookmarks
  • Documents 
  • Web 2.0 Profiles
  • Status Updates


Triple Tier  

If the competition is tough, or your Website or video seems to be lost in cyber space, then you NEED the triple power punch!  This one is Powerful.  We recommend at least 30 days time period for this one to complete as to not alarm Google.   Too much power too fast is a quick way to get banned.  These are the big guns, so use them cautiously. 

    Blogs & Bookmarks

    In this 2 tier system we have 6 blogs pointing to your Website.  A second tier of over a dozen bookmarks points to those blogs, boosting them up, and in turn giving your Site a mega shot of awesome link juice.  On top of that we have several bookmarks pointing directly at the site and 1 status update, just for good measure! 

      Blogs & Status Updates

      This is another 2 tier system with 6 blogs pointing at your site.  There are over a dozen status updates in the second their of this system, boosting up the blogs.  There are also 7 status updates pointing directly at your Website, and 1 bookmark, just for fun. 

        Blog Network & Web 2.0 Profiles

        This ones nuts! A QUADRUPLE link tier consisting of two blogs pointing at your site that are  built up with a ton of link juice from several cascading tiers of other blogs, TEN Web 2.0 profiles, and a good peppering of bookmarks to round it out. 

          Blogs, Web 2.0 Profiles & Status Updates

          Another good little blast of powerful backlinks.  This triple tier system consist of 3 blogs pointing to your Website that are built up with a 2nd & 3rd tiers of Web. 2.0 profiles and Status updates.  As well, we added a Document backlink that is also built up with Web 2.0 Profiles and Status Updates.  

            We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

            We have tested just about every backlink combination we can think of and in doing so have produced the above list of link structures that we find work best.  Our backlinks have time and time again propelled our own websites and videos to the front page of Google.  We apply our services to our own business; practicing what we preach!  We know they are current and working because we use them ourselves, on a daily basis!  Once we’ve battle tested a link structure, then and only then do we add it to our list of services. 


            The science of backlink building has and continues to evolve rapidly.   Being on top of the latest trend is great, but trends come and go.   What you need is built in longevity in your backlinking system, and that’s what we have mastered here at FreshKorn Marketing.  Our back links provide Google safe long term rankings. While it may be necessary from time to time to add a little boost, or shot, of link juice to keep you high in the rankings, our links will never disappear  over time or become obsolete.  We stay current with what’s working, or more importantly, what ISN’T working, and we make sure that you only get the best of the best!

            Answers to Your Questions

            What is an SEO expert?

            SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.   It it the process of ensuring your site is optimized to be found in Google for specific search terms, or “Keywords”  There is both on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.  We provide the off-page SEO tactics for getting ranked. 

            Why Are Some Links More Important/ Powerful Than Others?

            Imagine you own a woodworking blog.  You write a post about a project you completed and put it on your blog.  Soon, it starts to pick up traction.  Jim from “jimsworldofcarpentry.com” really liked it, and made a post about it himself on his blog with a link back to your blog.  GREAT!  A relevant backlink!  Now imagine Home Depot did a review of your blog post.  They are also super relevant, and  have a lot more authority in the niche space than good ol’ Jim.   So a link coming from their site, in Googles eyes, is of a lot more worth than a link coming from poor old Jim’s Blog. That being said, a relevant link is always better than a non-relevant link.  A like from “pamsworldofflowers.com” to your woodworking blog would not hold very much weight in Googles eyes, and might even do your Website more harm than good. 

            Why a Multi-Tier Link Structure?

            There was a time when the living was easy. All you had to do was make a site, purchase a whole bunch cheap backlinks from random sources, or create them yourself, and then BANK!  Today, that would get your site banned right quick!  Google now looks for relevance in links,  as well uniqueness.  There are other factors at play to, like the span of time in which a certrian number links are built.  If a new site has no links then the next day it has several hundred….  it’s fairly obvious to Google whats Going on.  A multi-tier link structure allows for links to be built naturally over time, and for the link juice to be passed up the tier.  This boosts the top tier of several links pointing directly to your site.  Having several powerful links pointing at your Website is much more effective,and safe, than having a hundred individual links pointing at your site. 

            Can I Build My Own Backlinks?

            Of course!  We recommend you do some research first to find the best way to go about it without hurting your sites ranking, or worse, getting yourself banned! We also recommend you set aside some time to do.  Put away the phone and all other distraction and FOCUS, because it can be tedious and mind numbing at times.  The results however, are definitely worth it!

            Let's Work Together!

            If you have any questions, concerns or requests feel free to get in contact with us.  


            1067 Bank St

            Victoria, BC, Canada

            (1) 250 812 6821


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