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FreshKorn Marketing is a Canadian Company based in Victoria, BC.   Our services extend globally.  Building backlinks & Citations to rank your Business, Website or Video on the first page of Google is our specialty!  No matter where you are, our backlinking services will work for you!  

We Know What Works

At FreshKorn Marketing we have finally struck upon the winning formula for link building. Through countless hours of split testing, tweaking and then testing some more, and days upon days of waiting for results, we have discovered some elusive backlinking “Golden Ticket Strategies”.   Gone are the days when you could just go and randomly build links, without caring from where, and the more the merrier being the name of the game. Building links like this now will likely get your site flagged, and worse, banned all together! For more information on link building, check out our blog.

Our multi-tier linking structures allow for multiple backlinks with greater power and authority than your average spammy blog post comment or article directory link.  The way our structures link together causes the link juice of each subsequent “tier” to be fed back into the parent tier, boosting those links authority. They then feed their link juice up to their parent tier.  What you are left with is several powerful backlinks pointing to your domain, which is at the top of the tier.  This is way better than having hundreds of useless single backlinks that will do more harm than good. STOP wasting your time building useless backlinks!

Target All The Right Keywords & Customers

If you want you business to grow you need customers.  That is not rocket science.  What is a bit harder to understand though is how to obtain those customers.  Having your companies website or video appear on the first page of Google for a specific search term, or “keyword” is the most effective way to bring in consistent free customers,  a.k.a “traffic”, to your business or cause.

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

At FreshKorn Marketing we analyze your competition and build a backlinking campaing to beat them.  Understanding why others sites are ranking on the first page of Google is important is you wish to do so yourself.   If you are unsure of what backlinking campaign is right for you, contact us and we will happily analyze your competition for free and reccomend a plan that is right for you. 

How We Deliver The Results That You Want!


Have a look at how our multi-tier link structures work.  We have curated several winning structures that you can choose from. 

What We Do

All of Our Backlinking & Local Business Citation Services 

Local Citation Builder

Once We Have Received Your Order, Our Production Team Will Review Your Business Details and Start Your Submission Process. We’ll Aim to Complete Most Submissions To Directories in the Target Country Specified Within Your Order.

Multi-Tier Link Structure

We Will Create Either a Single, Double or Triple Link Tier System of Backlinks Coming From Blogs, Bookmarks, Documents, Web 2.0 Profiles & Status Updates

Blogs & Bookmarks Link Structure

We Will Create a Two Tier System of Blog Posts Followed By Bookmarks Pointing to Those Blog Posts.

Blog & Status Update Link Structure

We Will Create a Two Tier System of Blog Posts Followed By Status Updates Pointing to Those Blog Posts.

Blog Network & Web 2.0 Profiles

This is Crazy!  We Will Create a Quadruple Tier Link System Consisting of Blogs, Web 2.0 Profiles & Bookmarks. 

Blogs, Web 2.0 Profiles & Status Updates

This is a Triple Tier Link Structure That Consists of Blog, Web 2.0 Profiles, & Status Updates. 

Our Backlink Building Experts

Our team consist of several backlink building experts who work remotely. While it is at times necessary to come together, post Covid-19 has proven that we can be just as effective & safe utilizing other means.  If anything it has helped us sharpen our ability to adapt to the situation by adopting other resources to get our job done. 

Travis Korns

Travis Korns

Founder & CEO

Alex Krulik

Alex Krulik

System Creator

Tom Yevsikov

Tom Yevsikov

System Creator

Let's Work Together!

Let us build you your backlink empire today!  Stop focusing on menial tasks and start focusing on your business! If you have any questions send us an email and we will be happy to answer them for you.


1067 Bank St 

Victoria, BC, Canada

(1) 250 812 6821


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FreshKorn.Com disclaims any liability, loss, or risk, directly or indirectly of the application of any of the contents found on this web site. 

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