Do Backlinks Work?

do backlinks work

When it comes to ranking a website, backlinks still do work! But you can’t just go get any old link and expect to rank in Google or other search engines. If you are relying on backlinks from blog and forum comments you are committing website ranking suicide! Those days are long over. Other than possibly bringing in some traffic from those sources, these links are essentially useless for helping you to rank. What you need is for the links to be placed within the blog post itself. Along with a myriad of other types of links from various websites. By various I mean backlinks from things such as status updates in social media profiles, documents submitted to various websites, videos and info graphics uploaded to sites like YouTube with your link in the description. As well these links can come from places like blog posts (as mentioned earlier) or bookmarks. Where to buy backlinks? Read on.

What Kinds of Backlinks Do I Need to Rank?

These types of links are a little harder to come by, and Google knows this. A site with a tiered link structure with these type of links is going to outrank it’s competitors every day of the week! If you want your website to rank, these are the types of backlinks you need. It helps to have these links set up in a tiered linking structure. How do you go about setting up this mutli-tier linking structure? Truthfully that in itself could be small e-book’s worth of information, but to sum it up, you want your links pointing to each in a way that doesn’t arouse Google’s suspicions. This is accomplished by creating them in tiers, with each tier pointing to the tier above it. Your site is at the top of this pyramid of tiers. Each of the links pointing to your site is essentially “boosted” by the tiers below. The more tiers, the more “juice” in the links pointing directly to your site. This appears more natural to Google, and your site won’t get banned in this way. I recommend you build links naturally this, over time . Google can tell if you one day have zero links pointing to your site and then the next you have over a hundred! That’s a red Flag for sure. So build your links in a time frame that appears natural to Google.

Where Can I Buy Backlinks

where can i buy backlinks

Building backlinks is a time consuming process. Very time consuming. In fact, if your building them right, you’ll spend more time backlinking than you will writing individual posts. This can become tiresome, fast! If you’re trying to push for more content, spending time building backlinks is especially frustrating. The that last thing you want to be doing is wasting your time with backlinks. However, they are still important so you’ll need to get them done. You may find yourself wondering, is it possible to just “pay” someone to build them for you?

Backlink Supplier Websites

The answer, YES! Backlink building services exist! There are several BIG websites that you can go to if you’re looking for where to purchase backlinks. Websites like and to name a few, are the big ones that come to mind. These sites are marketplaces where people can go and offer services, such as building backlinks. These sites are also for people searching for services, like where to find backlinks. If you search around can usually find some pretty good deals on backlinks here, people selling backlinks for cheap. However, you have to be weary of these kinds of sellers, as often their links come from spammy or bot generated sources. These types of backlinks will and get your site flagged. Or even banned! My suggestion is shop around, compare prices, and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is! Someone promising thousands of links for $20 is more questionable than someone selling four links from their social media profiles for $20.
These site allow you to sort your search result by user rating. I suggest only picking people with high ratings, and a good number of orders in ques. This way you can be sure that they have a reputation built on satisfied customers, and having order in ques means that they are still currently utilizing whatever method of linking they have devised. These are some great places to start finding backlink builders.

Backlinks on Sale – Where to Buy Backlinks That Are Affordable

Fiverr and Upwork are a great places to find backlink builders for yourself. However, you may find that even these sites can be pricey once you start working with a person with some credibility. It seems the more credibility they have, the higher their prices rise. So you may find yourself a reliable seller who sells affordable backlinks one day, but then the next he’s charging twice as much for the same service! It’s difficult trying to build a reliable business when you have to keep searching for trustworthy labor/outsources. Where as websites like Fiverr and Upwork are good starting points, you may find you require a more stable source of affordably, effective backlinks. In this case, individual sellers and big companies are your best best for backlink building sources. These prices are usually competitively low. They are more steady because they don’t rely on their suppliers reputation as a price gauge. FATJOE is a great reputable company that offers backlink building services. Their prices, while subject to change, seems to be subject to A LOT less change than other sources. Compared to the prices that seem to jump all over the board at other sites, backlinks from FATJOE’s may seem like they are on sale! They are definitely where I would look over Fiverr and Upwork for where to buy backlinks.

Backlinks On Sale

Best Price on Googgle Safe Backlinks

At FreshKorn Marketing, we do backlinks! You won’t need coupons, or any special codes, our prices are always low. We strive to offer the best deal for your money, and will never overcharge you for our backlinks. Our links are created from web 2.0 profiles, blogs, status updates, documents, videos, graphics and bookmarks. What’s more is all of our backlinks are instantly indexed once created so they’ll be picked up quicker by the search engines.

Indexed Backlinks

This in turn will help boost your rankings more quickly. We know how to build multi-tiered link structures in a timely fashion that Google loves, and will reward your site for having. It’s the simple way to put your link building on autopilot and forget about it. Choose from one of several predefined linking options. Or, if you would like to have a specific structure built, contact us an we would be more than willing to help accommodate you. We can also set up bulk pricing if you plan on doing large scale backlink ordering. Our prices, while already low, might not suit your needs economically if your looking to buy backlinks wholesale. We are happy to provide. Feel free to send us a message explaining your situation and amount of backlinks you will need through our contact form on our Contact Us page, or send an email to Someone will be in touch with you shortly about setting up special discounted wholesale pricing for backlinks.

Will Backlinks Rank My Website In Search Engines?

By themselves, probably not. You need to have done your due diligence and made sure your on-Page SEO has been done correctly too. SEO is a topic for another article entirely, but to sum it up if you don’t know, SEO refers to search engine optimization. It means that your site has been properly optimized to rank for a specific set of keywords, or “Google search terms”. This is done by ensuring that the keyword itself, as well as variations of the keyword, show up a certain amount of times on the website or in the post. This is known as keyword density. As well, you want the keyword to appear in the main title and variations to appear in several of the h2 headers within the web-page or post.
If you are building a wordpress site, I recommend using the YOAST plugin. It will guide you to writing perfectly optimized pages and posts.
Another important factor you should consider is changing the slug ( to your keyword. This helps Google to quickly figure out what your site is about.Once you have done the on page SEO, backlinks will definitely help take you the rest of the way to get to where you need to be. If you are going after keywords with lots of competition, you may need to have an aggressive linking strategy and remember, it takes time for your site to rank. It won’t happen overnight. However, if you don’t start getting to building some backlinks, it likely won’t happen at all! Check us out for where to buy backlinks that are affordable!

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