My Honest Ranksnap Review – Pros

This software is kick*ss! There, my honest Ranksnap review is over. Ha ha, just kidding. Truthfully and honestly though, this software is beyond awesome. If you’re still chasing that golden ticket, this could be it!

Now you defiantly won’t get rich off Ranksnap alone, but using it conjunction with other methods of marketing you definitely “could” get rich from using Ranksnap. I’ll give you my honest review of the product, what I liked about it and what I think it’s lacking. At the time of writing this I am using Ranksnap 3.0.

My Honest Ranksnap Review

Easy Rankings

I’ll begin with what I liked about the product. First of all, it works, like crazy well. Videos easily take page one rankings while blogs and other websites seem to take a little longer, but they do eventually get there too. I’ve found that creating videos and pointing the link in the description to my page that I want to rank, and then blasting the videos with backlinks, helps build quicker momentum and traffic. The video ranks fairly quickly, and then starts generating traffic to my site, which in turn helps boost it’s rankings more quickly. the video also act as a “buffer” from the intense amount of backlink building being done but still lets the “juice” come through to your site.

Ease Of Use

honest review of ranksnap

I really enjoy how easy it is to use. The learning curve is quite small compared to other software I have purchased in the past.


Another positive is that I’ve literally created a whole income stream just from the software alone. Okay, I guess I had to buy a domain and hosting, and a rather expensive DIVI WordPress theme, but after a couple of days I think I have a pretty impressive income stream set up and ready to run on auto pilot. check it out here I’m simply selling the services that the software provides, and using the software to get myself customers. I’m doing this through the blog associated with the website and with videos, as mentioned earlier.

New features, New Income Streams – Citations!

citations building services

The functionality in Ranksnap is also phenomenal. If I’m doing an honest Ranksnap review, I’ve got to mention this! Aside from building backlinks, you also have the ability to build citations, which help you to rank local businesses. There is a tool in the software that allows you to search through directory sites to see if your business or clients business is listed in them or not, then you can select to AUTOMATICALLY have citations built in all the directories that they are absent from. If you’ve ever built even just one citation, you realize how incredibly powerful it is to have the ability to automatically create dozens of them at the push of a button.

Signal Snap – Easy, Fast Rankings!

A new feature has also just been added called Signal Snap. What this does is allows you to enter a keyword and a domain. It then sets a bot out to search Google for that keyword. It will continue to sift through the search results until it finds your specified domain, then it opens it and stays on the page for several minutes before clicking away. To google it appears as though people are searching for your specified keyword, and finding your site to be a relevant enough to click on. Google assume’s your relevant to that term, and gives you a boost in rankings to match.

My Honest Ranksnap Review -Cons

Now for the downside. There had to be a few cons. This is “My Honest Ranksnap Review”, so here are my grievances with the software.


cost to use ranksnap

It’s rather expensive. Compared to other courses and software it’s not bad, but if you are on a budget it may be too much for you to invest in. They don’t tell you on the front end product that if you plan on using it as I do for selling services, you’ll need the last O.T.O, which was around a cool $500. So, keep in mind that if you plan on using it as I do for selling services, you will definitely need the last O.T.O upgrade.

One Time Offers –> That You Pretty Much Need!

I hate O.T.O’s, and there is a lot of them with Ranksnap. You’ll need pretty much need every one. If you show me the functionality to be a certain way on the sales page, don’t make me but a bunch O.T.O’s to replicate that functionality. Geesh! I didn’t like that I need to buy the one time offers to have the functionality I was shown up front, but that being said, it was still a good investment.

Skip This O.T.O!

You won’t need the Traffic Extractor one time offer! It is a separate product, something I must have missed until after I purchased. And guess what? Traffic Extractor has it’s own set of one time offers to get through before you even gain access to the product. I just found it annoying because I had just picked up Ranksnap, and then felt I was bamboozled into buying this other product that I didn’t really need. Had I realized it was a separate product I would have not picked it up. On top of that, there is a ton of training videos for TrafficExtractor…. Nothing you feel like going through after spending so much on Ranksnap… You want to start using Ranksnap… DUH!

Hard Hitting Email Campaigns

Another thing I don’t care for is that they immediately bombard you with emails for The Blaster Suit, another high ticket offer centered around video rankings that you don’t really need. The odd thing was, I ended up buying Ranksnap because I was on the BlasterSuit emailing list. So they obviously just promote the hell out of each other. Truthfully, I can’t say I am unhappy with that fact though, because it did lead me to Ranksnap after all!

All in all, the software is awesome and I love being able to use it. The fact that I only have three real issues with the Ranksnap, it was a bit pricey and I don’t like one time offers, I’ve got to say, it hold up to way it says it does!

My Honest Ranksnap Review – Just Facts

honest ranksnap review

Now for some information you may find helpful if you intend to buy. The software works on credit system. When you purchase the front end, you’ll receive 10,000 credits. A single 3 tier backlink campaign runs about 2000 credits, so they go fast. You’ll have the ability and option to buy more credits, the cost of which follows:

-Extend credit limit by 2800 for 19.99USD.

-Extend credit limit by 7000 for 47.00USD.

-Extend credit limit by 10200 for 67.00USD.

-Extend credit limit by 17300 for 99.00USD.

If you purchase the last O.T.O upgrade, which I did at around $500.00/yr, your credit limit will automatically be refilled with 20 000 credits each month. I blast everything I own with backlinks and sell the service, so the upgrade was a no-brainier. However you may choose to not get the upgrade and only purchase more credits as you need them. The choice is yours.

Tier Link Building

the software allows you build you own backlink campaigns, or gives you preset multi-tire link structures to choose from. They range from a one tier all the way to a quadruple tier link structure. The multi-tier link structures work incredibly well for ranking stubborn or hard to rank for keywords, and makes ranking for long-tail keywords a breeze!

You do need to be cautious about using the software however. In any event, you don’t want to piss Google off, and the software is defiantly powerful enough to do just that! There really isn’t any training videos within the software that warn you about excessive link building, or building too many links too fast. They have an option when setting the campaign to choose how many days you want it to run, so backlinks are created over time, in a more natural fashion. You can choose from between 7-30 days. I wish there was an option for a longer time period, but I can make do with the 30 day option. With some of the bigger link tier structures I never choose anything less than 30 days time period for completion.

Publishing Feature

Another great feature built into Ranksnap is the ability to publish blog posts, document, images, videos, bookmarks and status updates to dozens of online accounts at the push of the button. Info graphics and videos offer strong backlinks, and the ability to upload to multiple sites at once is amazing. It saves so much time.

article rewriter

My Honest Ranksnap Review – Other Things You Will Need

The Software works by posting articles to various sites. You’ll need to get these yourself. One of the upgrades includes an automatic article writer. I purchased this thinking I would be able to use it freely, but alas, only 5 articles allowed a day. So if you wan to do more than 5 backlink campaigns a day, you’r going to need another source for:

A. Copyscape Free Articles. I recommend you go here:

B. A Article Spinner. They integrate with WordAI, The Best Spinner, and SpinRewriter.

Should You Get Ranksnap? Honestly, Yes!

So, overall, if you are thinking about getting this software, I would highly recommend it. If you are curious about seeing if the software will work for your website or video before you take the plunge and buy it, you can always checkout my site, and purchase some backlinks. Send me a message and we can work a special “trial” deal;) This way you’ll be able to see that the backlinks DO really work for ranking sites.

This has been, my honest Ranksnap review.

If you’d like to pick up Ranksnap, you can do so here :
If you want to try out some back links, you can purchase them here:
I built a WordPress site, the theme I used was Divi SEO template: It can be found here:

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