Making Money Online

Making Your First Money Online

If you’re like me, you’ve searched “how to make money online”. Typical results yield a hundred different sites all promoting their course, or webinar, or their “one click to riches” services. It is extremely difficult and taxing trying to sift through all the sales pitches (and garbage!) for a method that will A. Actually work, and B. Actually work FOR YOU!

You’ll quickly realize the the wealth of information (and misinformation!) is overwhelming ! From affiliate marketing, to drop-shipping, to filling out surveys! You could write a never ending novel on the varied ways people make money online. How does someone even get started?

Where To Start?

There are hundreds of people getting rich almost daily by starting online businesses, or by doing “other things” online. So what exactly are they doing? well there isn’t one answer to that question. With there being literally thousands of different ways to create an income online, it’s all a matter of choosing ONE, and mastering it.

In my quest to attempt to start a side hustle for a some extra income I have come across many different methods myself. I also failed at many methods. Eventually after buying thousands of dollars worth of courses and software, and investing thousands of hours in front of the computer, I finally discovered something very simple that finally ended my pattern of failure. What I discovered is that it is far easier to make money online selling services than it is selling products.

Selling Products Online

Making Your First Money Online Selling Services

Making money online always kind of boils down to an exchange of money “somewhere”. This exchange can be, among other things, the sale of physical or digital products, or the the exchange of “SERVICES”. You as the individual trying to make money online are attempting to control, or inject yourself into this “exchange”. An example of this would be reviewing a product on a blog (or a doing a video review!), and then leaving a link in your blog or video description that leads to Amazon for people to buy the product. The link you leave ensures that if someone clicks on it and buys the product, you get a commission. You’ve just created “business” for Amazon! This process is knows as Affiliate Marketing. YOU are acting as the affiliate in this situation, promoting Amazon products. Almost every company that sells something has an affiliate program these days. Just look at the bottom of their websites for a link labeled “affiliates” or “associates”. Many people are very successfully at being affiliate marketers, meaning, they just learn how to market online, the use those skills to promote other companies products or services. Doing this has made new Millionaires every other day. I’m not one them.

Failure Isn’t The End!

For every person who makes a million dollars online, I swear there must be a million people elsewhere who fail. (I made that stat up, don’t Google it!) I tried for so long to make money with affiliate marketing, bought course after course, trying to learn different marketing methods. I’ve had some success, but nothing to write home about however. Affiliate marketing just wasn’t for me.

After so many fails, I finally decided to just settle one one method and forget everything else until I mastered it. I decided I was going to try niche website building. I was going to build a website based around litter boxes (why litter boxes I don’t know) and attempt to promote Amazon products. Well, after getting into it, I decided I hated litter boxes, and wanted nothing to do with them ever again. However I learned something valuable in the process. I kept having to get help from outside sources when I would have an technical issue, or needed something like an article written and I didn’t feel like spending another half a day writing about litter boxes.

Selling Services Online

Selling Services Online To Make Money

That’s when the light bulb came one. What if I could preform and sell these simple services? I mean, I hated writing about litter boxes, but that’s because I had done it so much without seeing ANY results. But what if, I wondered, I had been getting paid each time I wrote an article, like the writers I was paying were. Suddenly the solution seemed so very obvious I truthfully wondered If it would actually work.

Fast Track To Profits!

I clicked on a link for Authors on the article writing websites I had been at. I signed up as a beginner writer, and then just started waiting for jobs to come I that I wanted to do. Within minutes I had selected several different articles topics to write about and went about completing the articles. It took me the better half of the day, but I was able to produce three short 300 word article on different subjects. 2 were accepted outright by the people who made the job postings, and 1 was sent back for revisions. After about 20 mins of revisions, it was accepted. In one day, I had made $45. Not great at all, in fact enough to keep me in poverty where I live, but it was still so sweet to see actual money I had made in my account. I was hooked. I was determined to raise my ranks on the website from novice author to their top level, where I would be getting paid significantly more per article. Soon I managed to raise myself through the ranks, however I never got to the top. I got distracted by an email, (again), and suddenly went off in a another direction.

Fast Track Your Online Earnings Using Software!

The email was promoting software that builds backlinks (Links that point to your website from another). Why people purchase backlinks, or create them is a topic for another article in itself, but suffice it to say they are fairly essential to building a website. I had purchased backlinks before but had never thought about turning a profit being the one who build them. I already knew that making money selling services, at least for me, was easier then selling products. So I decided to invest in this backlink building software and see what it was all about, and I’m glad I did.

Without going into great detail about the software, because that would be boring AF, I’ll sum it up by saying, HOLY SHI*T this is super powerful and awesome. It builds backlink Campinas that are incredibly effective and that only take about 5 minutes to set up. Maybe 10 if my connection is slow. And then boom, I can sell that service for an EASY $50-150. For 5-10 minutes of work, that’s a pretty good return.

Make Easy Money Promoting Your Services For Free

How do I market this new service? Easy, there are literally dozens of sites all over the net that will allow you to promote and sell your services over their platform. Just check out You can buy just about any kind of service you can think of on thereā€¦. Including backlinking services.

I go an even easier route however. I simply set myself up a small website promoting my services, and then I got to different Facebook groups and leave links to my website. It’s amazing how much traffic I get from Facebook that converts to actual sales on my site.

This has truly been revolutionary for me. I make enough money from this method of selling backlinking services that I don’t need work anymore. I’m covered if there is a pandemic going on or not. It’s a great feeling. I’ve finally cracked “the code” on how to make money online. If there is one piece of advice I can give, it’s master ONE method of making money. If I could give you two pieces, the other would be master a service first, because it’s a heck of a lot easier to sell a service to people who are already looking for it then it is trying to convince people to buy something. So, now that I’ve mastered one method, it’s onto new horizons to see if I can make even more money!

In Summery

I hope this article was in some way helpful. While I didn’t describe a actionable set of steps for you to take to start making money online as a beginner, I hope I have guided you in the general direction of success.

If you want to check my site that I created to sell backlinks, you can check it out here:
If you want to check out the software I use it can be found here (this is an affiliate link!):
The theme I used to build my Website was the Divi Theme. I used the SEO Template pack. Find it here:

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